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Our mission is to search and explore fruits in all their diversity and deliciousness to uncover the hidden ‘secrets.’ To extract powerful phytonutrients from all parts of the fruit, from its core, flesh, peels, and piths – offering a refreshingly fruity and fizzy way to support your health and immunity starting with a happy, healthy gut.

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Unlock the Goodness Inside Fruit

At “The Secret Nature of Fruit”™ we know fruit like no other. Through the power of fruit and our science-backed ingredients, our products will provide the key nutrients to help you thrive everyday.

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Probiotic Fruit Sodas

Our Probiotic Fruit Soda reinvents soda, with Fruitbiotic Complex™, a powerful blend of 15% real fruit juice, 2 billion probiotics*, Vitamin C and no added sugar. Available in 4 flavours, it’s never been easier and more deliciously refreshing to support your overall health and immunity, starting with a happy, healthy gut.

*2 billion CFUs probiotics added at time of manufacture

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Sodas. Made Smarter.

Made with 15% real fruit juice

Good source of Vitamin C

Plant based, gluten-free

Contains 2 billion CFUs of probiotics

25 or less calories per can

No added sugars