Fruit Powered Vitamin Chews


A vitality blend of B12, Iron, and Ashwagandha –Energy fruit powered vitamin chews are made with refreshing, real watermelon juice and guava puree which contain antioxidant properties. Providing a total body energy boost, this nourishing blend helps you de-stress and promotes long lasting energy.

Supplements. Made Smarter.

Fruit as the first ingredient – made with natural fruit juice with delicious flavour

Delivers your daily requirement of immune-support vitamins and zinc



No artificial colours, flavours, sweetners. Made without processed sugars

*Contains naturally occurring sugars


Support For Your Immune System

Our mission at ‘The Secret Nature of Fruit’ is to search and explore fruits in all their diversity and uncover their hidden ‘secrets’ to power you – naturally. Made with fruit and clean label ingredients, our flavourful, fruit-powered vitamin chews are a dietary supplement formulated to meet your daily needs with the right amount of key vitamins, minerals, plants and functional fruits. Naturally sweetened from 100% fruit and lightly coated with citrus fiber, we blended the best ingredients to give you immune system support in each and every chew.

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.