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The Secret Nature of Fruit

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Unlock the Goodness
Inside Fruit

Our mission is to search and explore fruits in all their diversity and deliciousness to uncover the hidden ‘secrets.’ To extract powerful phytonutrients from all parts of the fruit, from its core, flesh, peels, and piths – offering wholesome nourishment through our range of tasty functional supplements and sodas that help power YOU, naturally.

At The Secret Nature of Fruit™ we know fruit like no other. Through the power of fruit and our science-backed ingredients, our products will
provide key nutrients and health benefit support to help you thrive every day.

Discover the Secret

Supplements and Sodas. Made Smarter.

Powered by fruit for great taste and nutrients

Backed by science to promote healthy living

Naturally sweetened, no added processed sugars

Clean label with no artificial ingredients

Vegan and gluten-free

Fruit Powered Vitamin Chews

Our flavorful, fruit-powered vitamin chews are not your traditional gummies or chews, and that’s what sets them apart. Naturally sweet with fruit as the first ingredient, vitamin chews are formulated to help meet your nutritional needs with the right blend of key vitamins, minerals, and superfruit. Our intentional blends, made with only the best ingredients, provide you with functional benefits in 4 different health needs in 4 delicious flavors.

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Probiotic Fruit Sodas

Our Probiotic Fruit Soda reinvents soda with Fruitbiotic™ Complex – a powerful blend of probiotics, 15% real fruit juice and Vitamin C – and no added sugar. Available in 4 flavors, it’s never been easier and more deliciously refreshing to support your overall health and immunity, starting with a happy, healthy gut.

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