Soda Done Right

The Secret Nature of Fruit™ Probiotic Fruit Soda reinvents soda with Fruitbiotic™ Complex – a powerful blend of probiotics, 15% real fruit juice and an excellent source of antioxidant Vitamin C – naturally sweetened with no added sugar or artificial ingredients and only 25 calories (or less) per 12oz can.

It’s a deliciously fruity and fizzy way to support your overall health and immunity, starting with a happy, healthy gut – supporting gut health has never tasted so good!

Help Activate Your Body’s Potential

It’s no secret that sometimes it’s the small healthful actions you take in your everyday life that help you to not just live and survive,
but to thrive. 

Our probiotic fruit sodas go beyond checking the box for being craveably delicious and refreshing.  On top of this, with every naturally sweet thirst-quenching sip, you get the added benefits of promoting good gut health and immunity – and all this without the bad stuff
like added sugar or lots of calories.  

So enjoy, it’s one easy step you can take in your everyday life to help reach your health and nutrition goals without sacrificing taste or
changing your lifestyle.

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Sodas. Made Smarter.

Contains probiotics

Made with 15% real fruit juice

No added sugar, naturally sweetened

Excellent source of antioxidant Vitamin C for immunity support

25 calories (or less) per can

The Secret Nature of Fruit™ Difference

Soda Done Right, That Does Your Body Right

Our Probiotic Fruit Sodas

Yes Probiotics declared

Yes No added sugar

Yes Contains 15% fruit juice

Yes Excellent source of antioxidant
Vitamin C

Yes 25 calories or less
per can

Most Leading Carbonated Prebiotic & Probiotic Sodas*

No No probiotics or no specified number of probiotics declared

No Contain added sugar

No Less than 15% fruit juice

No No Vitamin C

Yes Varies, about 20-45 calories
per can/bottle

Why Gut Health

There’s a reason why the gut is sometimes called the second brain – more than just digestive health support, gut health impacts immune health, weight and appetite management, brain function & mental health, cardiovascular health and skin health.

That’s why it’s important to take good care of your gut health to support your overall health today and over time.

Probiotics 101

Probiotics vs. prebiotics and how they work

Probiotics are good-for-you strains of microorganisms that play an essential role in promoting gut health and the numerous health benefits that come from that.

Think of probiotics as “good” bacteria that live in your gut that help fight off “bad” bacteria and metabolize vitamins that we otherwise could not break down. Probiotics work in tandem with prebiotics to help support gut health – when the probiotics “eat” prebiotics (non-digestible carbohydrates or dietary fiber present in many common foods that act as fuel for probiotics) this contributes to good gut health.

The Secret Nature of Fruit™ Probiotic Fruit Soda is a great way to get good bacteria that helps support your body’s natural immunity and overall health.