What’s Our

We Use Fruit’s Potential To Help
Unlock Yours

Our mission at The Secret Nature of Fruit™ is to search and explore fruits in all their diversity and uncover their hidden ‘secrets’ to power you – naturally. We understand the importance of a healthy body, mind and life. Through our range of functional supplements and sodas, we are making it simple and enjoyable to fill your body with fuel it needs to support your health goals and help you unlock your potential to thrive every day.

Simple and Transparent

Daily Support

Carefully developed to supplement modern diets, our fruit powered vitamin chews and probiotic fruit sodas provide essentials to easily fit into and support healthy, busy lifestyles.

Fruit Forward

We consistently design all of our products with fruit as a key ingredient. Naturally sweetened with fruit, never with processed sugars.

Pure Innovation

Delivering sound nutrition and functional health benefits through our innovative new food supplements and probiotic sodas. Our products are filled with nutritional benefits while delivering delicious flavor.

Flavor + Functional

We’re committed to discovering new flavors found in natural sources, that go beyond delicious. Extracting powerful phytonutrients from all parts of the fruit — from core, flesh, peels, piths providing nutrients and functionality, so you can enjoy functional food supplements and beverages that not only taste great, but also help you reach your nutrition goals.