We Use Fruit’s Potential To Unlock Yours

Our Vision is to
Help Improve Your Health Span

Your health span is the length of time you’re healthy, not just alive.

We’re closing micronutrient gaps in diets by making it easy to get the nutrition you need to help support optimal health.

What’s more, we believe taking vitamins should be enjoyable. So, our food supplements don’t just do you good, they taste good too.

We’re committed to uncovering phytonutrients in fruit that help power healthier bodies, minds and lives.

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Things We Care About

Daily Support

Our fruit powders have been carefully developed to help overcome nutritional gaps in modern diets and provide you with essential nutrients to help support a healthy lifestyle.

Fruit First

Above all, we champion fruit as the first ingredient in our formulations. Not fillers; not sugar.

Flavor to Enjoy

We’re dedicated to the discovery of new flavors, all found within natural sources, to bring you supplements that taste great and help you to feel great.

Pure Innovation

Each ingredient has a vital role to play in delivering function or flavor, resulting in innovative and efficacious products that work for your body. None of our flavors, colors or sweeteners are derived from artificial sources.

Simple and transparent

What you see on our labels is what you get in our sachets. Nothing more and, most definitely, nothing less.

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We’re committed to sourcing only the finest ingredients from non-GMO sources.

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For 160 years, Dole has been on a mission to deliver high-quality, fresh and packaged fruit to positively impact people, planet and prosperity.

At The Secret Nature of Fruit, we’ve leveraged Dole’s fruit expertise to create fruit-first products that taste good, do good and help you feel good.

Our Mission